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ABOUT Integrated HR

Over 25 years of experience

Integrated Human Resources, Inc. is a Beverly based Human Resources Consulting Firm. Integrated deploys outsourcing strategies in the areas of human resources, worker’s compensation, employee benefits, benefits administration, and payroll to small businesses throughout the United States. 

decades of experience

Originally launched in January 1998 as Integrated Staffing, the firm quickly became the leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) north of Boston, MA for clients with 50 or fewer employees.  Services included payroll, benefits, and human resource administration. The Human Resources division grew nationally, and a Training division was added in response to the growing need identified by the firm’s principal, Laurie LaBrie.  Integrated earned a solid reputation for providing high return-on-investment human resources services and processes.

In December 2008, the payroll and benefits divisions of Integrated were sold to Amcheck, a nationwide service provider based in Phoenix, Arizona.  This created a positive, nationwide partnership for clients and enabled Integrated to focus on its core strength: human resource processes.




Laurie LaBrie had identified a key truth:  Although Human Resources administration does require several soft skills and solid communication expertise, the “business of human resources” is best achieved by setting up and executing all of the critical human resources processes — from hiring to firing — in an objective and systemic way.  This led her to develop FullyINTEGRATED HR, Integrated’s proven, process-based system for effective human resources development, management, and administration. This streamlined, process-based HR system soon proved to deliver positive results for clients.


INTEGRATED HR produced results with a sharp contrast to the emotion-based and haphazard methods that were typical of many of Laurie’s clients before engaging Integrated.

In January 2009 the firm’s name was changed to Integrated Human Resources, Inc. to more accurately reflect the firm’s comprehensive scope of integrated human resource services.

Focused on the "business of Human Resources"

Our Mission and Values



How is Integrated Human Resources Different?

We’re business owners ourselves and because we’re business owners, we thoroughly understand and proactively anticipate the many challenges you face in running your business.

This business-insight, coupled with our own INTEGRATED HR process, enables us to quickly and cost-effectively identify, prioritize and administer your most critical human resource issues.


Once we help you identify the gaps, we’ll help you with the tools to fill them.  Our integrated support will streamline your human resource process, protect your human assets, and enhance your professionalism – ultimately enabling you to attract and retain loyal employees and clients.  This integrated support will help increase your profitability and enable you to focus on running your business.


When you work with our team you gain several critical advantages such as:

  • INTEGRATED HR – Our specialists ensure that all aspects of your human resources needs are covered, from sourcing employees to maintaining their peak productivity, to ensuring that you consistently comply with the mind-boggling number of ever-changing state and federal regulations.   This customized integration of services, all from a SINGLE SUPPORT TEAM, provides cost-effective VALUE that enhances your ‘human assets’ and maximizes your bottom-line profitability.

  • Accessibility – One or more members of our team are always available to support you and your team.  Clients rave about our promptness and dependability in anticipating and resolving their human resource issues.

  • Peace of Mind – Clients often tell us that they didn’t realize the many ways that our integrated human resource support applies to their business.   It’s true that “What you don’t know" – or don’t DO – can hinder your bottom line (at minimum) or threaten your company’s existence (at maximum).  Our team’s integrated human resource support eliminates the guesswork, worry, and hassles you would encounter when trying to learn or keep up with all of the human resource issues you need to know.  This support provides you with peace of mind that enables you to focus on the business of business while we take care of the business of employment.


We don’t reinvent the wheel


Since we “live and breathe” human resources, we can easily customize FullyINTEGRATED HR into your business or organization with only the components you need — and more importantly, nothing you don’t need — to save you time and minimize your investment.   We then roll out your FullyINTEGRATED HR so it works effectively and efficiently for you and your team.


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