Meet Elena Meyer

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Elena Meyer

Elena Meyer joined Integrated as an HR Coordinator after graduating from Gordon College where she studied psychology and philosophy. Her role is to provide HR consultation and handle HR transactions through the entire life cycle of an employee. 

Elena likes knowledge and is a quick learner. She also likes to get things done. These strengths allow her to come up to speed quickly in new situations.  When you work with her, you’ll quickly realize that she has a maturity beyond her years and is not afraid to ask questions or offer opinions.


While in school, Elena interned at a safe home for trafficked women. She was also a team leader for a summer trip to India and tutored English language learners. Her passion and drive to make things better is a great addition to the Integrated team.

When not at Integrated, Elena enjoys exploring new places with family and friends and spending time in the great outdoors. Because her role doesn’t require her to sit in our Beverly location daily, you may never know where she is responding from!